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"Reconstructing the Past"

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Alina's introduction


A lot of emperors

This was a good day to be inside as a cutting, cold wind defied the sunshine and blue sky. It certainly was a relief to be inside for those in our party who had walked a good distance. Nevertheless, not too late after the meeting time, we were ready for our guide Alina Kovlozski, a graduate student of Classics at Cambridge. Alina was clearly a person with a huge knowledge and embarked on a fascinating and extensive introduction to the museum. All the displayed items are copies of the originals, most of which have come from other Cambridge museums.

The museum was purpose-built for the collection and it is divided neatly into two, one side houses copies of Greek items and the other those of Roman origin. The title of the morning talk and tour was "Reconstructing the Past" and Alina had been asked to talk on the subject illustrating her talk with artefacts from the museum. This she did very well!!!

When we left we had a much better grasp of the possibilities of reconstructions such as the remaking of the Parthenon in America where all the broken pieces of the original site had been reconfigured into a copy which, if not the complete original because pieces were lost, certainly is more complete than we see in the original. Many of the items in the museum brought back memories of Greek/Roman stories from those children's stories of our youth that inspired our young imagination.

After the talk there was time to look around the museum and ask still more questions of Alina before we went back to Darwin for lunch and to ask more questions of Alina. Our thanks go, of course, to Alina and also the catering staff at Darwin who had an ex-fellows reunion dinner as well as the normal complement of lunch takers and ourselves but still managed to make it all special.


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