DCS Summer Events 2016 : The Tempest Friday July 22nd;

Punting and Picnic Saturday August 6th 2016

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The Picnic in Darwin Grounds




Much Needed Break

This year, as an experiment, DCS had 2 summer events. The first was a trip to St Johns College Gardens to see The Tempest as part of the Cambridge Shakespeare Season. A change in style from other Shakespeare plays that we have seen in the past but nevertheless, much enjoyed.

The second event was a Punting and Picnic which despite the problems (not due to DCS) was a relaxing afternoon for those not wielding the pole on a beautiful summer Saturday. We apologise for the problems encountered but after representation to the relevant people we can be sure that there will be no management problems next year - so if you missed it wait for next year.

Pictures by Helen Moore (Click on the pictures for larger versions)

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